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    2021 前瞻5大自动驾驶公司

    The greatest advantage of using a self-driving vehicle will significantly be fewer traffic collisions
    A vehicle that uses a combination of sensors, cameras, radar and artificial intelligence (AI) to navigate between locations without a human driver is a self-driving vehicle, also known as an autonomous car or driverless car. In order to be qualified as completely autonomous, a vehicle must be able to travel to a designated location on a road that has not been modified for its use without human involvement. Therefore, significantly fewer traffic collisions would be the greatest advantage of using a self-driving vehicle

    Here are the Top 5 Self Driving Car Companies to Watch Out in 2021:


    In terms of autopilot functionality in vehicles, Tesla has long been a pioneer, even naming their device ‘Autopilot’. Their device is one of the most advanced and precise on the road, so the cars just keep getting progressively better. The main drawback is that only steering wheel inputs are used for driver tracking to assess if the driver is concentrating vs facial monitoring.With strong features coming out all the time, Tesla constantly upgrades Autopilot. It is so powerful, however, that it can be used just about anywhere, which means that it is up to the driver to concentrate and use it correctly as driver monitoring is only through the steering wheel.


    Waymo produces a range of self driving vehicles specifically to accommodate the transport needs of drivers around the country, including both commuter vehicles and autonomous vehicles for commercial and personal use. Waymo today offers tested and validated self-driving technologies designed to adapt rapidly and effectively to environmental conditions and user feedback, tracing their roots to research projects undertaken by Google.


    Another leader of self-driving car technology, Pony.ai, with Artificial Intelligence assistance, aims to offer advancements in smart driving technology. By establishing fully autonomous self-driving smart vehicles, Pony.ai wants to reshape the transportation system. The self-driving car business claims for the cars to be efficient, secure and cost-effective. Pony.ai believes that the most realistic route to get the first generation of self-driving cars to market is a practical engineering strategy.


    Volvo has long been a pioneer in safety technologies and was one of the first firms to bring innovative safety devices and lane centering to its full vehicle portfolio. As they have chosen to shift platforms, they have lately had some self-driving failures, delaying more advanced autopilot-like functionality.When it comes to autopilot performance, Volvo’s Pilot Assist II is just appropriate. In regular traffic, it’s effective, but we wouldn’t trust driving on roads with curves to Pilot Assist as it has difficulties remaining in the lanes.


    For its operations, Voyage has a novel purpose. The goal of this self-driving car company is to introduce self-driving autonomous cars to senior communities to help elderly people move around the city in a safe and better way. The ability of the organization to begin adoption in senior living is that these communities normally transit in other communities at a slower pace than the majority of the drivers.It is a major thing to overcome the mobility problems of elderly people. Voyage is also proud to carry all of its customers securely, easily, and affordably to their destination.